Mobby, the most enchanting star in the vast universe, possesses a heart as gentle as the twinkle in his
radiant light. His true essence lies in spreading the magic of kindness across the cosmos, a cherished
friend to humanity and a beloved figure among the stars. Mobby's extraordinary powers are dedicated
to the selfless pursuit of helping others, casting a celestial glow of love and wonder wherever his light
may shine, and earning the adoration of countless stars throughout the universe.

Princess Beautiful

Princess Beautiful, at a mere four years old, is a tiny treasure overflowing with endless curiosity and
boundless joy. Her world is a whimsical wonderland, where each day holds new adventures and
surprises. With her chubby cheeks and bright eyes, she's already a little royal sprite, brimming with the
enchanting innocence of toddlerhood. Every moment spent in her presence is a blissful journey through
the magical kingdom of early childhood.


Sakima, the delightful toddler at just four years old, is a tiny prince bubbling with curiosity and
excitement. With his rosy cheeks and wide-eyed wonder, he's the embodiment of innocence and joy. His
world is a captivating playground of imagination, where every day is a new adventure filled with
discovery and delight. Sakima's royal spirit shines in the simple moments of happiness and kindness he
shares with those around him, bringing laughter and warmth to the enchanting realm of toddlerhood.


Odu, a pivotal character in the fairy tale "Changing Beautiful," takes on numerous forms, such as the
great spring of life, the mighty blue wolf, and the embodiment of storms, all while silently serving as the
story's godly figure. While none of the creatures or characters within the tale are aware of his divine
nature, Odu exudes profound wisdom and intelligence, steering the narrative's course with a quiet,
patient hand. As the unseen, guiding force, Odu shapes the destinies of those who traverse the tale,
embodying the story's themes of transformation and spiritual depth.


Doyin, the tiny adventurer at just four years old, a constant ray of joy, curiosity and boundless energy.
With his adorable chubby cheeks and bright, twinkling eyes, he's a pint-sized explorer in a world full of
wonders. Every day is a grand quest for him, with each moment offering exciting new surprises to
uncover. Doyin encapsulates the captivating innocence of being a toddler, sharing laughter and
happiness with all those fortunate enough to accompany him on his little voyage.


Chandeliea, just a tiny tot at four years old, is a wellspring of amusement and boundless source of joy.
With her cherubic cheeks and wide, twinkling eyes, she's a pint-sized explorer in a world of wonders.
Every day is a grand adventure for her, filled with delightful surprises and newfound treasures.
Chandeliea is the embodiment of toddlerhood's enchanting innocence, bringing laughter and pure joy to
all who have the pleasure of sharing in her delightful journey.


Adriel, is a little prince brimming with curiosity and an adventurous spark. With his wide-eyed wonder
and a contagious giggle, he's the epitome of early childhood innocence. Adriel's world is a delightful mix
of imagination and play, and his enthusiasm for life is contagious. Already showing the promise of
nobility, he cherishes every moment and is adored by those who are lucky enough to share in the joy of
his youthful kingdom.


Everla, the tiny tot at just four years old, is a ball of endless energy and a bundle of spunky spirit. With
her bright eyes that sparkle with wonder, she's always ready for a new day of playful adventures. Her
world is a constant source of giggles, as she explores the everyday with a heart full of courage and
determination. Everla's toddlerhood is a world of pure wonder, where she's always ready to stand up for
what she believes in, even if she's just knee-high. She's the little dynamo who fills each day with laughter
and mischief, and everyone who joins in her tiny escapades can't help but smile.


Orgis the bear, a gentle giant of the forest, is the embodiment of care and serenity. His kind and
peaceful nature makes him a beloved friend to humans and creatures alike. Orgis delights in the simple
pleasures of life, especially relishing a delicious snack now and then. His fondness for dance and song
adds a touch of magic to the woods, where his warm spirit and friendly demeanor create a harmonious
world for all who cross his path.

Princess Beautiful

Beautiful, the cherished princess, is a beacon of love and optimism. Her deep affection for children,
unwavering kindness, and a penchant for timeless wisdom tales define her character. With a heart that
treasures family and her people, she's destined to rule with grace and benevolence. Beautiful's
selflessness and fervent advocacy for kindness make her a true inspiration, a royal figure who shines
with a radiant spirit of compassion.


Doyin, the intrepid adventurer, embodies the age-old creed that life must safeguard life. His
striking kindness and rugged handsomeness are matched only by his boundless enthusiasm for aiding
the villagers. A true extrovert, Doyin thrives on community interaction, his warm-hearted nature making
him a beloved figure. His love for both literature and the study of nature reflects a well-rounded,
inquisitive spirit, as he forges his path in a world where compassion and a deep connection to the
natural world guide his journey.


Everla, the unconventional heroine, wasn't born into royalty but earned her place as a
remarkable figure. A devoted reader and an ardent challenger, she fearlessly takes on obstacles, never
shying away from a challenge. A dreamer at heart, Everla staunchly advocates for her beliefs, displaying
remarkable resilience and unwavering self-assuredness. With a passion for helping others, she is an
embodiment of strength and determination, proving that one can ascend to greatness through
determination and the power of one's convictions.


Adriel, born into royalty, has always epitomized nobility in its truest sense. A remarkable swordsman, his
mastery of the blade is rivaled only by his love for riding horses, a symbol of his strength and grace. His
unwavering commitment to those he holds dear knows no bounds, as he willingly places his life on the
line for their safety. Adored by his loyal subjects, he is the embodiment of honor, a young prince whose
presence radiates nobility in every action and every choice he makes.


Chandeliea, a beacon of intelligence and an unwavering advocate for kindness, embodies the
perfect fusion of bravery and compassion. Her profound belief in the cycle of life, where nothing truly
fades into oblivion, underlines her wisdom. With an ardent passion for art and a birthright of wealth, she
exudes both creativity and generosity. Chandeliea's adventurous spirit fuels her unwavering faith in the
potential of humanity, making her a remarkable character who finds beauty in every facet of existence.


Delvina, a formidable sorceress, casts a formidable shadow across many kingdoms, her reputation
striking fear into the hearts of those who hear her name. Her insatiable thirst for power fuels her
relentless quest to usurp the throne of Ballon, making her a formidable adversary. Delvina's days are
dedicated to the study of magic, and she revels in showcasing her wisdom and prowess in the arcane
arts. Her presence is as imposing as her ambitions, a character whose obsessions with power and
magical knowledge shape her relentless pursuit of dominance.

The Stone Prince

Sakima, the Prince with a quest for wisdom, is a paragon of charm and courtesy. His striking
handsomeness is matched only by his insatiable thirst for knowledge. An outgoing spirit, he
wholeheartedly embraces the study of magic, aspiring to rival the legendary sorcerer Koda. With an
unwavering love for his parents and an intrinsic gentlemanly demeanor, Sakima embodies nobility both
in heart and ambition.

The Candlemaker

The Candlemaker, a gentle and peace-loving individual, is drawn to shiny treasures that sparkle with
endless wonder. While he's not a seasoned explorer just yet, he's captivated by the allure of the
glimmering world around him. With a heart full of deep affection, he holds dear those within his inner
circle, cherishing the joy they bring to his life. He’s enchanted by the magic of surprises and the thrill of
discovery, finding happiness in the company of others and in the enchanting adventures that surround


Moon, a celestial entity given human form by the wish of The Candlemaker, is a mysterious figure whose
origins remain shrouded in the night sky. She is a being whose essence is deeply intertwined with the
well-being of life on Earth, displaying an unending love and care for the world she watches over. Moon's
heart is devoted to maintaining balance, a selfless and patient presence that radiates with vitality. She is
a symbol of both serenity and luminous life, an enigmatic character whose connection to the cosmos
enriches the very essence of the universe.